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General Mills pioneered the practice of fortifying cereal with vitamins and
minerals, and in 2008 extended its leadership by fortifying all its children’s
cereals with calcium and vitamin D.

A guide to cereal nutrition and health

Providing nourishment is an important mission. The information that follows provides key insights and facts about cereal, its ingredients and the roles they play in contributing to overall health. Select titles from the list below to read more.

Cereal promotes milk and nutrient consumption

Eating cereal also has the added benefit of promoting milk consumption in children. Forty-one percent of the milk consumed by 6- to 12-year-olds is consumed with cereal.7 The figure is even higher for African-American and Hispanic children.6

About half of the milk in African-American and Hispanic kidsí diets is consumed with cereal.6

Milk contains nutrients like calcium and vitamin D that are critical for developing strong, healthy bones. Research estimates that only one in 10 American kids gets enough vitamin D, and about six out of 10 kids donít get the recommended amounts of calcium.6, 38

New studies also show that vitamin D may reduce the risk of a number of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.39

Vitamin D occurs naturally in many foods such as salmon, beef liver and eggs. But it can be difficult to get enough of these foods, especially for kids.

Thatís where fortified foods can help. General Mills fortifies its entire line of kid cereals with calcium and vitamin D.

For children aged 4 to 12, ready-to-eat cereal with milk delivers 11 percent of their calcium and 24 percent of their vitamin D intakes each day.6

In addition, new research shows that ready-to-eat cereal is an especially important source of nutrients for children who do not have enough food to eat. For these children, ready-to-eat cereal helps provide iron, B vitamins and milk.40

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